Don’t Forget To Pack The Dog

11th May, 2017

Before Moving Day

Assuming it’s practical and you’re not relocating from Cornwall to the Outer Hebrides, take your dog for a few walks in the area that you’re moving to.

Think about how your pet will travel to your new home on moving day – with you in the car is usually the best option. Alternatively, ask a trusted friend or professional pet sitter to look after your dog or cat for a few days either side of the move so he or she is out of the way while everything’s in chaos.

Make sure your pet’s collar has a tag with your mobile phone number on it, just in case.

Consider buying a calming, pheromone plug-in or spray to relax your pet in the run-up to relocation and then in their new abode. For dogs, log on to and for cats or ask your vet about which products are available and best suited to the needs of your pet.

On Moving Day

Stick as much as possible to your pet’s routine with walks and meals at the usual times.

Having lots of people trekking in and out of your house carrying boxes will stress any dog or cat out. Set aside a secure, empty room away from all the noise and upheaval in both your old home and new. Make sure any professional home movers helping you on the day know where this room is and ask they don’t enter it.

Take your pet’s old beds and toys with you – familiar scents will help them settle into their new home.

After Moving Day

The charity Cats Protection advises keeping cats indoors for three weeks after a house move. And, when you do let moggy out to explore, do it just before meal time so their rumbling tummy will deter them from straying too far.

Don’t let your dog off-lead until you (and your dog) are familiar with your new park or play area.

Make sure your garden is secure before letting your dog out to play in it. Dogs (and cats) have strong homing instincts and have been known to escape a new home to return to the old. Supervise pets when they’re out in the new garden on their first few explorations.

Encourage your pet to associate their new home with fun – lots of treats and extra play time never go amiss!

And finally, remember that pets pick up on (and can be affected by) their owners’ stress. Here at Shortland Horne we have the right people and processes in place to ensure your property sale, purchase and move are as pain-free as possible – and that will keep your pets happy too!